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Place the answers to the questions listed below on this sheet and turn it in to your lab instructor.  USE PENCIL ONLY!

General Questions


1.  What common time unit is closely equivalent to the time it takes the moon to make

      one revolution about Earth? ________________________________________


2.  In which direction does the Moon orbit Earth:  clockwise or counterclockwise?


3. Outline the “near side” of the Moon in red for each position in Diagram 1. 

Diagram 1

4. For each position 1-8, identify how much of the “near side” of the Moon is lit:  all of it, none of it, half of it, more than half or less than half.


Position 1:  ______________________________________


Position 2:  ______________________________________


Position 3:  ______________________________________


Position 4:  ______________________________________


Position 5:  ______________________________________


Position 6:  ______________________________________


Position 7:  ______________________________________


Position 8:  ______________________________________


5. Using Diagram 2 and your answers in Question 4, shade in the amount of shadow versus light on the “near side” for each position of the Moon as it orbits Earth.  You may use the diagrams of the Moon’s phases given on the pre-lab (Figure 6) to help you shade in the correct amount of shadow and light. 

 Diagram 2 

6.  Match the correct name of the phase of the Moon to each position shown on Diagram 2.  Use your sketch of the moon phase and the description of the phases given in the pre-lab to help you.



Full Moon                    Position  ______

Waxing Crescent          Position  ______

Waning Gibbous           Position  ______

First Quarter                 Position  ______

New Moon                  Position  ______

Waxing Gibbous           Position  ______

Third Quarter               Position  ______

Waning Crescent          Position  ______